Takeover code

Sir jab takeover code main agar acquirer hostile takeover kare toh usko 26% open offer kisko dega Eg if like ambani has reliance 50% share and trump want to takeover in reliance and he acquire 25% from open market as hostile takeove 1) still he has to give open offer 2) and if he Wants more then 25% share in reliance but 50% is hold by Ambanis and can he get more then 25% from open market

As per my accordance In your question, Trump shall required to give open offer of 26% minimum But, if 50% hold by ambani , then it's totally depends upon ambani whether they wants to sell shares or not , if they ready to sell - it will be termed as Friendly takeover, while if Ambani denies to sell , then the takeover will not succeed and Trump will left over with only 25%. Here u need to understand, companies whose majority shares hold by promoter +PAC , takeover of these companies by way of hostile takeover is difficult or sometimes impossible.

Answer given by Sumit at 15-Nov-2022 09:00 PM