Hello sir. I purchased the recorded lec of SLCM and today finally with huge satisfaction I have completed my lectures....thank you soo much for those wonderful teachings ❤️ 😊 ... Sir avi sai lekke to do revision 2+ months bacha hai so...should I read module and scanner or I should follow our main book module 1 is already done in June 22 and I have only module 2 in December so please let me know about this sir because aapne bataya ki 2 months hii hai tho module keliye time nai hoga but couldn't get clarity on whether you said that on view of single module students or both please clarify sir 🙏🙇‍♂️ I had messaged you in instagram then later i came to know i have to reach to you this way. Sorry for messaging in instagram. Thank you.

You can read from module and scanner, if you have sufficient time, there won't be any problem.

Answer given by Shubhamm Sir at 29-Nov-2022 07:24 PM