Quorum and notice of the meeting

1.quorum at the meeting In regulation 22 of the insolvency and bankruptcy board of India( insolvency process for corporte person) a meeting of coc shall be qurorate if member of coc representing 33% of voting right are present provided that the committee can modify the percentage of voting rights required for quorum in respect of any future meeting. This means coc 33% se less or more kar sakti hai voting right for quorum? 2. Notice of meeting. In case of authorized representative, do we have go give notice to both member as well as authorized representatives? 3. When nclt approve the resolution plan cirp gets over and the period of 180 days is not applicable on implementation of resolution plan?

1. Yes 2. Yes. but when Authorised Representatives are present, then the Financial Creditors or Operational Creditors or Homebuyers they represent, would not be allowed to attend the meeting. 3. Yes

Answer given by Shubhamm Sir at 01-May-2023 05:38 PM