LODR is to be studied from edition 2 or edition 3 book?

Hello sir, I have studied corporate funding and listing from edition 2 book and in the edition 3 book chapter-13 (LODR) there are so many topics which have been excluded and some are included.....so what should I do now? Which one is applicable edition 2 content or edition 3 content?

You will get all the amendments for corporate funding and listing in your Drive link.

Answer given by Shubhamm Sir at 13-Oct-2022 04:54 PM

You can continue studying from edition 2 books and you will get all the additional cases added in your drive link, just ensure that you watch all the lectures in your drive link and you are good to go for the examination.

Answer given by Shubhamm Sir at 13-Oct-2022 04:49 PM