Need necessary guidance for clearing executive along with a job

Sir I am one of your google drive student for module 2. My attempt is in June 23. My bcom is completed. I was doing job along with bcom and now also I have to do job along with the CS course. Atleast along with the executive as my financial condition is very week. I have lost my father 2 years back in an accident and now whole responsibility is on me.. I wanted to ask you, can we clear executive along with 10 to 6 job.. not both the groups in one stroke but one - one groups. So just wanted the guidance from you for June 23. I am giving module 2 in June 23. I have your lectures of group 2 and started watching today. How should I approach to clear module 2 in June..? Is it possible to do along with job? What should be the targets? Can I complete course on time along with job? What should be the plan.. please guide sir.. I have capability to clear but along with the job it is going to be very very difficult.

You can certainly do it with the job, make your targets and schedule, follow it strictly.

Answer given by Shubhamm Sir at 15-Oct-2022 03:27 PM