About AGM and Voting

Sir, 1) If I've purchased 1 share suppose ki MRF from Stock market or vo mera share Demat acc me he to kya me AGM attend kar sakta hun kya?? Do i have voting rights??. 2) Jo shares me kisi broker k through purchase krta hu or vo Demat acc me raheta he to kya vo share Equity share he kya?? 3) Equity shares purchase kese hota he??

1. Yes, You can attend AGM and vote in the AGM. It is generally one vote per share. 2. Yes. Shares in Demat Account are also equity shares. 3. If you want to buy shares, you must first approach a SEBI-registered member, or broker, of a stock exchange. You need to then register as an investor before you begin investing; You will get the detailed procedure if you google it.

Answer given by Shubhamm Sir at 31-Jan-2023 04:54 PM