1.Share Based Emp Benefit & Sweat Equity Reg,2021. (2)Takeover code

1.Chpt Share Based Emp Benefit : Where a separate resolution to be passed in 4 cases, if any work is done in a combination then two separate resolutions to be passed for such Or thorough single resolution it can be done. 2.Takeover Code Q.4.a Dec 2019 as gift is given to immediate relative of vihaan which comes under exempt category then how we can consider it in gross acquisition

1. Two separate resolutions needs to be pass 2. The Transfer would qualify as an inter-se transfer between immediate relatives under Regulation 10(1)(a)(i) of the SAST Regulation subject to fulfillment of pre conditions specified therein and hence exempted from the requirement to make an open offer under the SAST Regulations. In addition the disclosure requirements have been complied with.

Answer given by Shubhamm Sir at 28-Sep-2022 03:52 PM