MCS(Edition 3)

Sir I purchased MCS(Edition 3) in July 2022 My attempt is in June 2023 I just saw your video that students appearing in June 2023 attempt must go for MCS(Edition 4) Now I want to know whether MCS(Edition 3) is totally irrelevant for June 2023 or not? I know I'll have to do some amendments and I'm totally fine with that But I want to know whether major content is same or different between MCS (Edition 3) or (Edition 4)? If 70%-80% content is same then I can continue with Edition 3 or else I'll have to book lectures for Edition 4

You can watch MCS Edition 3 lectures, You will have to watch the additional cases added by ICSI (around 50).

Answer given by Shubhamm Sir at 20-Sep-2022 02:46 PM