Final price or price band

Sir please clarify me said k issuer announce the final price at least 2 working days b4 opening of issue and above said k when prospectus filed wiled with Roc contain only one price.... And further its prov k after 3 days from filing the prospectus with ROC issue can be open....contradiction of 2 and 3 days is there??

1. The prospectus filed here is final prospectus after closure of issue hence, only one price should be given in prospectus. 2. In second case, the provision is that, an IPO and an FPO shall be opened after at least 3 working days from the date of registering the red herring prospectus in case of a book built issue or the prospectus in case of a fixed price issue with the Registrar of Companies. both the cases are different.

Answer given by Shubhamm Sir at 03-Jan-2023 05:18 PM