ICDR, Reg. 103- eligibility requirement for FPO

Sir, my doubt is if there is no name change (condition 1) then that means yes issuer can do FPO ??? Becoz the only condition is if there is name change then co. Shall earn atleast 50% revenue from the activity suggested by new name. (Attached an image of provision) I mean sir ki 1st condition is if change of name then.... & alternative eligibility requirement says- if co. Does not satisfies the criteria of 50% in case of name change then there is an alternative to it that if FPO is through book building....... But other than this 1st condition there is no other condition for FPO & agar co. Ne name change nhi kia hua toh bs koi condition nhi hai or seedha FPO kr skti hai ??? Am i correct sir ??

Ok thanku so much sir

Answer given by Bhavika at 28-Oct-2022 04:42 PM

Yes. If Company has not change its name in last one year then it can do FPO. There is no other condition as per regulation 103. However, company shall be eligible as per regulation 102 and follow general conditions as per regulation as per regulation 104.

Answer given by Shubhamm Sir at 22-Oct-2022 09:13 PM